My name is Lin Wen-Ben Also know as Ben Alderman. My upbringing dramatically influences how I view the world. I was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States in adolescence. I was adopted by two men who I now consider to be my fathers. My experience of being adopted at twelve gives me fuel to produce my artworks; The dichotomy of Eastern and Western art culture merges into my creative process. I was exposed to Asian calligraphy when I was in Taiwan. To this day, I still think about the aesthetics of this art form—the human touch and the brushstroke. This influence shows up in my work, which is often visually expressionistic.
I am a process-based artist, and I am interested in exploring the culture of art and objects. My work examines the notion of illusion and involves the structure of painting, and the process of experimental mark-making. Studying art history influenced my work, and I continue to challenge myself to make art conceptually. I use the structure of Western painting, and I marry the idea of Eastern calligraphy and philosophy.

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