My name is Lin Wen-Ben Also know as Ben Alderman. My upbringing dramatically influences how I view the world. I was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States in adolescence. I was adopted by two men who I now consider to be my fathers. My experience of being adopted at twelve gives me fuel to produce my artworks; The dichotomy of Eastern and Western art culture merges into my creative process. I was exposed to Asian calligraphy when I was in Taiwan. To this day, I still think about the aesthetics of this art form—the human touch and the brushstroke. This influence shows up in my work, which is often visually expressionistic.

Ben is an experimental fine artist based in Denver, Colorado in the United States. He is a process-based artist, and he emphasized exploring the culture of art and objects. The process of experimental mark-making is often explored in his work. He also examines the notion of illusion and involves the structure of moving images with poetic elements. 

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